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Best Brokers with Low Minimum Deposit for Investors in Poland

Top 3 Brokers available in Poland with a Low or Null Minimum Deposit

XTB requires no minimum deposit. However, beyond the required minimum deposit, there are other factors to weigh when you are about to open an account at XTB. The average transfer times for the different methods are 2 or 3 days for a bank transfer or a couple of hours when you deposit with a card (credit or debit).

XTB supports major currencies like US Dollars, Sterling Pounds and Euros but does not support minor currencies (Except for Polish Zloty, since it's their home currency). So, if you use a minor currency, XTB will charge you a conversion fee to convert your deposits.

XTB Online Trading

There is no minimum deposit required by DEGIRO and does not charge a deposit fee. So, by opening an account with them, you get a great platform to trade several asset classes like stocks, ETFs and Forex without needing to deposit a considerable amount of cash.

DEGIRO supports major currencies like US Dollars, Sterling Pounds and Euros but does not support minor currencies. So if you would deposit in a major currency anyway, DEGIRO won't have to convert it. However, if you use a minor currency, DEGIRO will convert your deposits, and you will be charged a currency conversion fee.

A minor issue with depositing money to DEGIRO is that depositing is not user-friendly compared to similar brokers. You have to tie up your bank account to your DEGIRO trading account, and you won't be able to deposit from other sources. Furthermore, when we tried the trading account for the first time, one of our transfers bounced back. Despite this, DEGIRO is a great Broker with meagre commissions.


About our Top 3 rank for Polish Traders

The minimum deposit amounts required by the different trading and investment apps are very variable, some have no minimum, and others require amounts of 2 thousand dollars. So, a broker that offers to start without a minimum deposit or a tiny one is a plus. Here are a few things that you should take into account:

  • Not every client is willing (or want) to start using a platform by depositing 2 thousand dollars from the very first moment. Therefore, most brokers offer simulators or Demo Accounts of their platforms since deciding to deposit funds whether to deposit real money is an important decision, especially initially. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you try the Broker's Demo account before deciding to deposit funds.

  • Many lists on the internet promoted as 'The Cheapest Brokers in Poland may consist of unprofessional platforms and could even be scams. So, beware, and do your checks before transferring funds.

  • We only display brokers heavily regulated by strict government entities, like the UK's FCA or the Australian ASIC.

  • Last but not least, the broker has to be available to local traders since some of them do not open accounts locally.

Without further ado, here is our Top 3 Broker with Low Minimum Deposit list, available to clients who reside in Poland.

eToro's minimum deposit is USD200. eToro allows only USD accounts, which means that funds in Zloty or other currencies might need to be converted by eToro to USD. Alternatively, you can deposit in USD, e.g. using your credit or debit card. In that case, your bank will make the conversion at its exchange rate.

eToro changes the minimum deposit from time to time (during times of high client signup, they have increased the minimum deposit amount). However, considering the massive amount of financial instruments that this broker offers, it is worth trying even though your deposit threshold might be increased.

There are several deposit options with eToro: Bank transfer, Credit/debit card, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, China UnionPay, Klarna / Sofort Banking.


The minimum deposit means that you will need to transfer this amount to your brokerage account from your bank account to start trading. A trading platform that offers a low minimum deposit facilitates access to the world of financial investments for those about to start the journey. So, if you are a Polish investor and do not wish to compromise a significant investment, we include three of the top regulated Brokers that will not require you to move your Zloty bank balance.

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