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Best Brokers for Apple Products

Top 3 List of Brokers for Apple users

A user-friendly app, with a clean and useful interface for what we are looking for: trading. It has additional security measures and allows you to customize notifications. It does not have a virtual portfolio to practice from the mobile. AvaTrade has 2 apps available at the Apple Store: AvaTrade Go and AvaOptions (focused on FX options trading).


The good old eToro App is user-friendly, like every service offered by eToro. You can easily set buy and sell orders and check asset prices. One setback is that eToro does not have an app for Mac desktops, only for the iPhone (Although you may use the iPhone app in your Mac).


Our Criteria to Pick the Top 3 Brokers for Apple Users

To be included on our top 3 list, the brokers have to excel in several of these matters:

  • First and above all, the Broker has to have an app available at the Apple Store

  • A good selection of assets in terms of quantity and variety (asset class, geographies, and theme variety).

  • The trading platform should be user-friendly, allowing investors to read news and provide key information about the assets.

  • Last but not least, the Broker should be available to a broad number of traders in terms of their residence. Every Broker has restrictions in terms of geographies. Our top list only includes Brokers that open trading accounts for most traders around the globe.

Although different to the other two brokers, if you are a Crypto trader, Binance is your to-go app. The top trading platform offers every product and service available in the crypto space. Binance's app is available for iPhone.


On a technical and software level, Apple has been a premium technology brand for years. However, compared to the number of apps available on Android, it often happens that it is not available on the Apple Store. As a result, many are unavailable, and others jump directly to their paid version. With this list of the best iPhone trading apps, you may be in control of your investments.

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