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Did Apple remove MetaTrader Platforms from the Apple Store?

A move that affected brokers and traders across the entire industry: Apple Inc. decided to remove MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 from the App Store. What does this mean for the users?

Different Situations

Whether you already have the app, or you were planning to download either the MT4 or MT5 platforms, this move by Apple may affect your trading strategy. Here's how you or your clients might be affected:

  • If an Apple user already has the app on their phone, they may continue using it.

  • If they already have the app on their phone, don't delete it as you won’t be able to re-download it.

  • If they don’t have the app and wish to download it, they won’t be able to.

  • Your funds are fully accessible by you and are not affected by the unavailability of MT4 and MT5 in the Apple Store.

Alternatives to MT4 and MT5

If you accidentally removed your MetaTrader platform from your devices, it's not time to try another broker who provides an Apple-supported app. Check out our top 3 list of brokers with an app available in the Apple Store.


While the MetaTrader ban is big news for the trading world, it doesn’t necessarily need to be bad news. It provides an opportunity for brokers to take a fresh look at the latest technology solutions available in the market.

Note: The app is still available on Android and the Google Play Store.

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