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Alexon Trading:
The Best Broker Comparison Site

The world of trading is exciting and changing. So, to keep you informed up to the minute, Alexon Trading provides everything you need to know about Brokers, Financial Markets and Trading Guides. All the information and expertise you need are here. Risk Warning: Trading CFDs are not recommended for all clients; CFDs are among the riskiest financial assets: Your capital is at risk, and as losses may exceed deposits, you should consider whether you are in a position to lose your money.


What you need to know about Alexon Trading, your friendly Broker guide

We often discuss everything we offer, like expert broker reviews and broker spreads and commission updates. But the real question is, who are we, and why do we do it? Read the following lines to learn more about our platform, our team and why we’re such fans of the Capital Markets and Financial Instruments.

What is Alexon Trading?

To put it simply, Alexon Trading is a Broker comparison site. But it’s also much, much more than that. We were founded in 2019 by a group of passionate Traders and Finance experts who were overwhelmed by the thousands of Brokers out there. Everything was so spread out and finding the best information and news was almost becoming a full-time job… so we made it one.


Our goal has always been to create a simple way for Traders to sift through information and find what they’re looking for.

What do we do exactly?

Anything and everything related to online Brokers and Financial Instruments is what we do. From reviews, toplists, comparisons, guides, tips, industry news and more, you’ll find it all here, all in one place.


That includes many, many Broker reviews by expert Traders who really know their stuff.

Why do I need a site like Alexon Trading?

There are actually a few reasons, but the main one is that without Alexon Trading, you’d have to trawl through pages and pages on the internet to find all the information yourself. We make it super simple to find and access the best information and Brokers in just one click.


As industry experts ourselves, we also have knowledge on new Brokers, features, Instruments and more, allowing us to bring you up-to-date information before you hear about it elsewhere.

Why should I know about New Brokers?

Besides testing promising new online Brokers, we have many Broker reviews [Actually more than what we display here] and new reviews are added every week. By checking our Brokers page you'll always know the most interesting providers to see which of them will be worth your time and money. 


New Brokers mean not only new innovative features but also new ways and strategies when trading online.

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